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Scuba Diver in Reef


Reef Safe's promise: creating outstanding sunscreen responsibly and transparently.

Our commitment?
Your skin, our planet, our integrity.


Born from the diverse and beautiful landscapes of Australia, Reef Safe provides vegan and organic sun protection for those who share an affinity for our precious ecosystems.


Leveraging our business as an avenue for environmental stewardship. Proudly, in 2023, Reef Safe joined the global community of green businesses committed to sustainability and ethical practices.


It’s in our essence. Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. We select the finest natural ingredients to create the most effective and eco-friendly sunscreen.


The future of our reefs is intertwined with our own. That's why Reef Safe is here - to foster a love for nature and to safeguard our Australian reefs together.


The wellbeing of our reefs is intrinsic to our collective future. That's why we exist - to inspire a love for nature and protect our delicate ecosystems together. Our pledge to make a positive impact on the environment is stitched into every layer of our business.


In 2023, Reef Safe made a commitment to move to Zinc Oxide produced using 100% solar power, marking a significant step in our sustainability journey.

Surfing at Sunset

Our Story

Our journey began in 2021 in a small coastal town in Australia, with a breakthrough formulation designed to protect skin from the sun while safeguarding our precious marine life. Since then, driven by a community of eco-conscious consumers and suppliers, Reef Safe has blossomed beyond its humble origins. From our sun-soaked headquarters, we remain true to our roots, combining functionality, sustainability, and understated style in our identity. Our unwavering commitment to product quality, the environment, and our customers remain at the heart of all we do.

Reef Safe evokes the delicate balance between land and sea. This fascination with the place where terra firma meets the ocean's edge is integral to our narrative, fostering a deep respect and a romantic relationship with the sea and all its inhabitants.

From the outset, Reef Safe has championed a pioneering approach to crafting superior, sustainable sun protection, challenging norms and innovating at every turn. We're committed to making conscious decisions about our environmental impact and continually push the boundaries to create the most effective, eco-friendly product. We believe our sunscreen is more than just a product - it's a companion for all your sun-soaked adventures. The longer you have it, the deeper your connection to our shared mission of protecting our skin and the sea.

Our Advocates

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