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  • What makes Reef Safe sunscreen unique?
    Reef Safe sunscreen is a top-rated mineral sunscreen that combines effective sun protection with a commitment to preserving marine ecosystems. Our formulation, rich in non-nano zinc oxide and non-nano titanium dioxide, adheres to the NOAA's guidelines for safe sun protection while being reef-friendly.
  • How does Reef Safe sunscreen support Hawaii's regulations?
    Reef Safe sunscreen adheres to Hawaii's regulations, ensuring it's free from harmful chemicals that can damage coral reefs. Our use of non-nano zinc oxide and non-nano titanium dioxide contributes to the preservation of Hawaii's delicate marine life.
  • Is Reef Safe sunscreen a physical sunscreen?
    Yes, Reef Safe sunscreen is a physical sunscreen, also known as a mineral sunscreen. It forms a protective barrier on your skin's surface, reflecting and scattering harmful UV rays away. Our non-nano mineral formula is gentle and effective for sun protection.
  • Is Reef Safe sunscreen organic?
    Indeed, our sunscreen complies with the ANSI/NSF: 305 Organic Cosmetics Standard. We are committed to providing products that meet rigorous organic standards for the well-being of your skin and the environment.
  • Can I use Reef Safe sunscreen on my face and body?
    Absolutely! Our mineral sunscreen is suitable for both facial and body use. It offers broad-spectrum protection while being gentle on your skin.
  • How does Reef Safe's partnership with Reef Check Australia contribute to reef conservation?
    Reef Safe proudly partners with Reef Check Australia, an organization that combines science, community, and local action to protect reefs. Our collaboration supports their vital research and community-driven conservation efforts.
  • How can I get involved with Reef Check Australia's initiatives?
    You can participate in Reef Check Australia's volunteer programs, contributing to reef health monitoring and conservation. Your involvement can make a meaningful impact on preserving coral reefs.
  • Is Reef Safe sunscreen suitable for babies and sensitive skin?
    Yes, our mineral sunscreen is safe for babies and individuals with sensitive skin. The non-nano zinc oxide and non-nano titanium dioxide provide gentle sun protection without causing irritation.
  • What is Reef Check Australia's citizen science approach?
    Reef Check Australia empowers non-scientists to collect reliable data on coral reef health, fostering community involvement in reef protection. This approach aligns with our mission of encouraging positive local action.
  • What is EcoZinc?
    EcoZinc is the type of Zinc Oxide that we use in our sunscreens. It is made in Australia using 100% solar power, saving over 1kg of CO2 per kw used to manufacture the active. EcoZinc is also food grade, like the rest of our ingredients.
  • What is Reef Safe?
    Reef Safe is a brand that offers vegan organic sunscreen. Our products are crafted with a conscientious and transparent approach, ensuring that they are not only protective for the skin but also safe for the environment.
  • Why is Reef Safe unique?
    Our journey began in 2021, inspired by the beauty of the reefs surrounding us. We recognised the damage caused to these reefs by many sunscreens and aimed to create a sunscreen that could protect us without harming the environment. Our sunscreens are formulated with EcoZinc Zinc Oxide that is made in Australia using 100% solar power.
  • Are your products reef-safe?
    Yes, our name holds deep significance. We aim to safeguard the reefs from harmful synthetic chemicals. Our mission is not just about compliance but pioneering a shift in the industry towards more conscientious products.
  • Where can I buy Reef Safe products?
    You can shop for our products directly from our website.
  • What products do you offer?
    We offer a range of sunscreens for the face, lips, and babies. You can browse our best sellers and new arrivals directly on our website.
  • Do you have any offers or discounts?
    Yes! Join our email list to get exclusive offers and discounts.
  • What is your shipping policy?
    You can view our shipping policy, along with other policies such as returns, store policy, and payment methods, in the 'Policy' section of our website.
  • How can I contact you?
    You can reach out to us through the "Contact Us" section on our website.
  • How does Reef Safe sunscreen benefit coral reefs?
    How Reef Safe Sunscreen Safeguards Our Coral Reefs Our oceans, teeming with vibrant life and stunning underwater landscapes, are among the most precious ecosystems on our planet. At the heart of these ecosystems lie coral reefs, complex structures built by the calcium carbonate skeletons of corals. These reefs are not just beautiful; they are essential. They offer habitat and shelter to a myriad of marine life, support fisheries, and protect coastlines from the damaging effects of wave action and tropical storms. However, in recent years, these spectacular underwater cities have come under threat from various factors, including climate change, pollution, and certain sunscreens that introduce harmful chemicals into the ocean. Zinc: A Natural Coenzyme in Coral Growth Zinc, a trace metal, is naturally found in our oceans. This element plays a pivotal role in supporting marine life. For corals, zinc acts as a crucial coenzyme in their growth and resilience. Enzymes are proteins that facilitate various biological reactions, and coenzymes are non-protein compounds that assist enzymes in their functions. Zinc's presence ensures that these reactions occur effectively, promoting coral health and vitality. Reef Safe Sunscreen: A Sustainable Solution Reef Safe sunscreens, as the name suggests, are designed to be non-toxic to marine life, particularly corals. They use zinc oxide as their primary active ingredient. Since zinc is naturally present in ocean water and beneficial to coral growth, sunscreens that utilise zinc oxide don't introduce foreign or harmful substances into the marine environment. In contrast, many conventional sunscreens contain petrochemicals and other chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate. Research has shown that these substances can bleach corals, making them more susceptible to disease and hampering their ability to reproduce. Due to the detrimental effects of these chemicals, various regions worldwide have banned sunscreens containing them to protect their delicate marine ecosystems. Reef Safe sunscreens offer an eco-friendly alternative, focusing on ingredients that won't harm marine life. Using these sunscreens ensures that while you protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays, you also play a part in preserving our precious coral reefs for future generations.
  • Is Reef Safe sunscreen water-resistant?
    Yes, our sunscreen offers 40 minutes water resistance, making it suitable for water activities. However, reapply after swimming or sweating to ensure continued protection.
  • How do I learn more about Reef Check Australia's projects and findings?
    Explore Reef Check Australia's Reef Health Database for details on monitoring locations and volunteer survey findings. Their Summary Reports offer comprehensive insights into reef research outcomes.
  • How can I support Reef Safe and Reef Check Australia's combined efforts?
    By choosing Reef Safe products, you support our partnership and contribute to reef conservation. Spreading awareness about our collaboration and the importance of reef protection can make a significant impact.
  • Is Reef Safe sunscreen suitable for daily facial use?
    Absolutely, Reef Safe sunscreen is an ideal choice for daily facial sun protection. Our non-nano mineral formula offers effective shielding against UV rays without clogging pores.
  • How does Reef Safe sunscreen compare to chemical sunscreens?
    Reef Safe sunscreen stands out from chemical sunscreens by using non-nano zinc oxide and non-nano titanium dioxide as physical blockers, minimizing environmental harm and skin irritation.
  • Can I wear makeup over Reef Safe sunscreen?
    Certainly, our lightweight mineral sunscreen is a great base for makeup. Just allow it a few minutes to absorb before applying your makeup for a seamless look.
  • Does Reef Safe sunscreen leave a greasy residue?
    No, Reef Safe sunscreen is formulated to provide a matte finish without leaving a greasy residue on your skin. It's comfortable to wear throughout the day.
  • How does Reef Safe encourage positive local action?
    Through partnerships like Reef Check Australia, we promote community involvement in reef conservation. Our efforts amplify the importance of individual actions to protect reefs.
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