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Reef Safe Zinc Sunscreen

Embrace the Sun,
Protect the Ocean 

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Founded in 1996 by Dr. Gregor Hodgson, Reef Check International answered the global need for coral reef health data. In 2001, Marine Scientist Jos Hill initiated Reef Check Australia, proudly monitoring over 60 priority locations.

Born for the Reef, Built to Respect


Best Sellers

Sun-kissed Skin, Naturally Shielded

Dive Into the Sunlit Adventure, Shielded and Fearless. 

Surfing at Sunset
Image by Marvin Meyer

EcoZinc Solar Powered Active

Over 1,002 kg C02 Saved

Since 2021, we have used EcoZinc Non-Nano Zinc Oxide that is made in Australia using 100% solar power, saving over 1kg of C02 per a kw used to manufacture the active.

Sea Turtle


Our Commitment to Skin and Sea

In 2021, driven by our love for reefs, we created Reef Safe, an eco-friendly sunscreen, committed to protecting both us and the environment.

Our name symbolizes our mission: protecting vibrant ocean ecosystems from harmful chemicals and leading the industry towards conscientious products.

Over 12,000 m2 of Reef in Australia

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