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Sun-kissed Skin, Naturally Shielded

Dive Into the Sunlit Adventure, Shielded and Fearless. 

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EcoZinc Solar Powered Active

1,002 g C02 Saved

Since 2021, we have remained steadfast in our unwavering commitment to crafting genuinely outstanding products through a conscientious and transparent approach. We use EcoZinc Zinc Oxide that is made in Australia using 100% solar power, saving over 1kg of C02 per a kw used to manufacture the active.

Sea Turtle


Our Commitment to Skin and Sea

Our journey began in 2021 in a sun-soaked workshop nestled in the heart of Australia. We were inspired by the beauty of the reefs surrounding us and troubled by the damage done to them by the sunscreen we use to protect ourselves. We had a vision - a sunscreen that could safeguard us without harming the environment. And so, with a spark of innovation and a commitment to sustainability, Reef Safe was born.

Our name, Reef Safe, holds a deep significance. The reefs, teeming with vibrant life and colour, are the heartbeats of our oceans. The very essence of our brand is to safeguard these magnificent ecosystems, acting as their protector from harmful synthetic chemicals. Our mission goes beyond merely ensuring compliance with the stringent regulations for reef-safe cosmetics. It's about pioneering a shift in the industry towards more conscientious products.

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